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Xelorians - Space Shooter

1.99 usd

█ Welcome to the interplanetary Xelorians – Space Shooter█ ABOUT
► Xelorians – Space Shooter is a dynamic, 90's style space shooter. It brings the space shooter genre into the XXI century. If you are an old space war stager, you should check your reflexes in this shooter again. If you like quick interplanetary action and destroying alien hordes – join the interplanetary war squadron! ► Choose your interplanetary star fighter amongst many war space craft which use captured alien tech and join the space fight. Upgrade your fighter during the fight with crystals and different kinds of weapons. You will need them for the bigger alien war ships.
► "Storyline, graphics and game pace makes it one of the best space shooter on the market. Go and get it." -
► "Look, Xelorians is a top-down scrolling shooter, and I know that you’ve seen a million of them. ButXelorians is actually worth your time. It looks great, is designed smartly, and the difficulty level is just right." -
█ Game features
► Four space episodes, 18 exciting and highly dynamic shooter missions + bonus mission► 48 types of interplanetary alien units► 5 difficulty levels► 12 weapon types► 19 bosses► 10 music tracks► Zooming camera► Bullet time
█ How to play
Collect every object in white, spinning rims. Collectthe yellow crystals to upgrade power. Make war!
█ Story
► 2021 – scientists discover the red matter, the interplanetary colonization of Mars starts► 2025 – scientists develop a method that allows to slow time, which enables longinterplanetary travels ► 2026 – the Earth Interplanetary Alliance is formed. The organization executes interplanetary law. Humanity begins to explore unknown space. Thanks to alien technology humanitydevelops even faster► 2036 – scientists capture an alien signal. The EIA makes contact with the alien civilization► 2037 – First Contact War with the Xelorians – the aliens are space invaders,modern weaponry and rockets are their diplomacy► 2038 – examinations of fallen aliens show, that the DNA of the Xelorians was manipulated, so they couldn't control their aggression. ► 2039 – Earth loses part of its planets in the Milky Way.► 2039 – physicists discover the abilities of alien crystals. Scientistsdevelop a special system which uses these crystals. It should be ableto power weapons up.► 2040 – The system is ready. Earth strikes back.